Poetics of the Commons

This work applies the concept of digital commons, originating in the field of cyberculture, to the context of artistic practices produced by collectives in the city of São Paulo. Based on a broad historiography of collective actions, usually classified as political art, public art or artivism, I analyze how the imaginary of the 2010s, with the maturity of digital networks and their extrapolations to the field of social struggles (occupy, 15M, etc.), influences art collectives creating in such period. I propose five aspects of what could be classified as “poetics of the commons”. As a related artistic proposition, I turn my eyes into situationism practices to propose a drift using a relational device as one of the possible practices of aesthetic activation of the commons.


Master Thesis
22 x 15 cm, 108 pages

O comum nas artes: elementos para novas poéticas︎︎︎, 26th ANPAP Congress
Poéticas do comum: arte coletiva em espaço informacional︎︎︎, Research and Education Center (CPF/SESC-SP)
Arte pública e commons digital: ações coletivas na cidade financiadas pela multidão conectada︎︎︎, #15.ART, Museum of the Republic, Brasília, Brazil

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