Fotos: Francele Cocco

The concept of plague indicates a relationship between life and territory: life forms which, from this point on, will be considered excessive in a given space. Being a plague means that you are categorized as an agent that destabilises a standardized relationship system. The plague is a mathematical notion and an economic matrix: the number of individuals considered problematic for a given economic operation in a territory. There are about 50,000,000 pigs in Spain. These pigs are animals bred for the purpose of being sold as dead animal protein. There are also 1,000,000 wild boars. The former are part of the life-and-death economy of contemporary capitalism; the latter are considered a nuisance because they get in the way of real-estate speculation in forest areas. Although both are of the same species —Sus scrofa— pigs are considered breeding stock and wild boars, a pest. Live to be produced and live to be eliminated, respectively. This exhibition ties the concept of plague into the way living things are categorized. Eucalyptus, parrots, urban grasses, water, native species and invasive species; we offer a critical look at the current forms of “nature” management.


Curatorial project

Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), Spain

Co-funded by:
Creative Europe Program of European Union (EU)

In cooperation with Jaime Vindel, Alberto Berzosa and Cultural Ecologies PEI Research Group.

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