House of Digital Culture


Former working-class village between Santa Cecília and Barra Funda, in São Paulo, which was home to dozens of collectives and activist initiatives for free culture, the right to the city and hacker movements, in an iconic moment in the recent history of Brazilian culture. People occupying and vacating everything, ideas emerging and transforming into action, non-stop. It is difficult to describe the enormous collective experience of the House, which was the floor and ceiling for initiatives such as the CulturaDigital.Br Festival, the Agência Pública de Jornalismo, the BaixoCentro and Transparência Hacker movements, the Cultural Production in Brazil project, the collectives Garapa, Filmes para Bailar and Garoa Hacker Clube, among many others. That mix between political action, cultural intervention and networks of affection was one of the main manifestations of the maturity of network cultures in Brazil.


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