Photos: Francele Cocco

Each thread on the map follows the movement of a raw material extracted from its origin to where it will be marketed and consumed. Before becoming commodities, such items followed their own cycle of life and death, not traversed by the liberal and colonial economic logic set in motion by countries in the global north (represented by a greater distance in relation to the wall). The base map is the Dymaxion model created by Buckminster Fuller in 1943, which respects the “real” size and proportion of the territories. The desire and the convenience of having at hand pieces of the planet that, otherwise, would be distant, comply with a system that drives an ecocidal plague spread by the capital.


Acrylic paint on multichannel cardboard, cotton lines
Variable measures

Funded by:
Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Barcelona (MACBA)

“PLAGA”, Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA), Spain

In cooperation with Luna Acosta Tobon.

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