Cultural Production in Brazil

600 minutes of interviews with central creators and producers of contemporary Brazilian culture – theater, music, literature, cinema, cultural policies, philosophy, everything. A provocation for everyone interested in thinking about and producing culture in the country. The starting point for creating a permanent process of discussion and reflection on Brazilian culture and, mainly, on the complex chain that lies behind a production until it reaches the public. How is a film produced? A book? A song? A record? A TV show? Who finances it? Why? And how to create a public policy for the country's culture?

Produced in 2010 by the House of Digital Culture and the Cultural Policies Department of the Ministry of Culture, this project is a living archive, a reference project to this day, whose images are frequently reused, as in the case of the recent death of theater director Zé Celso Martinez Corrêa, whose interview was broadcasted on the main television channels.


Freely licensed documentary videos
16:9, color, variable lenght

22 x 15 cm

In cooperation with Fábio Maleronka Ferron, Sergio Cohn, Ana Rosa Cruz, Caroline Rodrigues, Dalva Santos, Fernanda Versolato, Georgia Nicolau, João Andrade, Gabriela Barreto, Leo Caobelli, Paulo Fehlauer, Rodrigo Marcondes, André Deak, Felipe Lavignatti, Gabriela Agustini, Lia Rangel, Rafael Mantarro, Rodrigo Savazoni, Alícia Peres, Aline Rabelo and others.

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